This image to the immediate right is the result of a densitometric scan of a gel hemoglobin electrophoresis performed using acid citrate agar.  A magnified image of the individual bands separated in the gel is farther right.

Based on the point of origin and the type of gel, what common forms of hemoglobin are expected to occur in each of the four gated fractions designated by the four colors red, blue, green, and black, from left to right.

Skill Sharpeners and Case Studies

For some, the Board of Certification exam was long ago, for others it is coming up.  Some of us work as true Generalists and experience everything the laboratory has to offer and some of us are specialized in our own departments, honing and focusing our abilities on a particular discipline.  All of us are curious, all of us want to keep learning, and all of us are fascinated by the interesting, by a question.  To that end, KSCLS is introducing Skill Sharpeners and Case Studies.

Case Studies

Coming Soon!

Below, are eight of the more common collection tubes used for venous blood samples.  They are, from left to right: green, light yellow (not to be confused with the yellow SPS tube for fungal cultures), lavender, mint, pink, gold, (light) blue, and red topped tubes.

What, if any, additives are contained within each tube?  For each tube, will a centrifuged sample result in serum/clotted blood or plasma/anticoagulated red cells?  If all eight of the tubes need to be drawn, in what order should the samples be collected?

Skill Sharpeners will be introduced weekly.  They will consist of small, focused question on a particular aspect of the laboratory.  They are not meant to be particularly challenging, more so, something to review for students studying or a refresher for those not engaged in a particular department.

Case Studies will be delivered as we find (or you submit) interesting cases for us to feature.

If you have any ideas, or have something you would like featured, we would be glad to credit you and have you stump your colleagues in KSCLS!

Skill Sharpeners for the Weeks of

2017 February 27 and March 06